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We all seek happiness as humankind. Some of us search in the external pleasures of life and some in religion. Many have an awkward relationship with the Higher Being, God – sometimes filled with fear, negotiating deals or mired in rituals and we wonder at the lack of eternal happiness.

This book clears all of the above in one go. It is a modern interpretation of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. The book has it all the information you need to discover your true purpose, find an appropriate path and clarify your doubts on the myriad of terms and concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Your life is set to change after reading this book.


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Inner Silence, a Window to Wisdom, a Solitary Journey to Bliss

It is an immense job that Naveen has taken to doing, looking out of the window and in a very wise way collecting the eternal thoughts of Hindu philosophy and gathering people to look at the truth in a simplified, matter of fact, point by point, easy to understand narration. He chooses his words with ease to ensure, that like honey, it can be tasted by one and all and sweetly get absorbed and digested in ones thinking, effortlessly. That is the transformation you will experience after reading this book…Enjoy your spiritual journey

Neerja Malik

Author, I Inspire

It is a privilege to read a book which takes a reader through a spiritual journey of profound thoughts based on ancient Indian texts and philosophy which are enlightening the world even today. The author has presented the spiritual aspect in a way which is meant to initiate an enquiry within oneself for one to understand oneself. A practical approach has been suggested in the form of setting up spiritual goals which can mark the beginning of a transformational journey for a person with a redefined purpose in life.

Venkatesh NC

Ex CEO General Reinsurance AG India A Berkshire Hathaway Company Non Executive Majesco Ltd

A new badge of recognition emerges – those who have read Inner Silence & those who are yet to read. This is the perfect compilation of everything a seeker needs as they find answers to complex questions in life centred around happiness. Rooted in Hindu scriptures, Naveen has done a brilliant job in keeping it profound and yet very lucid and simple to read.

Sapna Pathak

It clearly reflects what amount of reading, knowing & experiencing has been blended together to bring this book to us. In our mundane life, we face a lot of struggles to kickstart our journey of self-realization. There are Upnishads and thousands of books but what makes this book unique is that It will boil down to your own wisdom. It’s not another book for your book shelf. It’s tagline says ‘a solitary journey to bliss’ but trust me I found a companion for my early journey in this book.

Amazon Customer

Well written and explores a wide variety of techniques to analyse and introspect one’s choices.
Author does a good job of presenting what’s a complex and admittedly nebulous topic using lucid language, anecdotes and relevant examples. If at all you are interested in spiritualism or simply want an enjoyable read, pick up a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

Arun S

This is an exciting book on Hindu philosophy and spirituality. I am thankful to my friend Sharan who gifted me this book. Mr. Naveen Narayanan, you have a great writing style. I am looking forward to reading more books of yours.

Harsh Pamnani

Excellent job in explaining difficult concepts, clearly and accurately. I got answers to many questions that I have had for years. All explained in an easy way with relatable stories as examples. .. superb read!


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